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Coconut nectar is collected from the flower of the coconut tree just before the nut is formed. The delicious nectar is dehydrated and made into crystals which can be used in the same way as regular sugar.

Niulife pure unrefined Coconut Sugar is sustainably harvested and is nature’s best all natural sweetener. Certified Organic and with a low GI of around 35 it is a smarter choice for the whole family.
Packed with nature’s vitamins, minerals and amino acids, Coconut Sugar contains no empty calories.
Niulife coconut sugar key benefits:
100% Certified Organic and fairly traded
Low GI (35) - so won’t spike your blood sugar
Made with only pure coconut nectar – no cane sugar and no fillers
Packed with Vitamins, Minerals & Amino Acids
High levels of Inositol - the "feel good" Vitamin B8 - fights the moody blues and helps maintain a positive frame of mind
High levels of electrolytes for post-workout muscle recovery
Sustainably harvested by family farmers.
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