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All orders are packed into AS 5810 certified Home Compostable bags and shipped to your door using Carbon Neutral delivery services.

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Product Details

Crushed potatoes are washed to extract the starch, which is then dehydrated to produce this naturally gluten-free Potato Starch. It is different from potato flour, which contains the whole potato. With a mild flavour that doesn’t have any potato taste, this starch is a wonderful baking and cooking ingredient that can be used in place of corn starch. The smooth texture of potato starch makes it a great replacement for wheat flour or corn starch in many recipes where a ‘thickener’ is needed. Potato starch also improves the texture and adds moisture to baked dishes – great for gluten-free baking. As it can be cooked at a higher temperature than corn starch and many flours it is perfect for batters.

Origin: Australia

Please note: This product is available for in-store pickup ONLY through the online store. If you need it posted within Australia please contact us directly to arrange delivery. The delivery charge will be greater than the Flat Rate due to the volume & mass of this product.

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