Custom Cake Images

Please carefully read the information on this page before proceeding to the Order Form on the next page.


All A4 images - $17.99

An A4 sheet fits:

- 19cm circle

- 19cm square

- 20 x 26cm Rectangle

- 30 Cupcake Toppers 

Pre-Payment is required and is taken through the Order Form on the next page. If you are unsure please call us before placing the order!

Please click here to read the instructions on how to apply your Edible Image. It is very important you follow the directions to avoid any issues.
The below information should help you navigate the Order Form. If you are having problems please Contact Us

1. Please fill in your contact information at the top of the form. We will use this to get in touch if we have any questions and to let you know your order is ready to collect.


2. Select the shape & size image you desire. You can select from our standard options, or click “Custom Size A4 Sheet” and specify in the Comment Section (e.g. “Please print as 12cm Circle”). Be specific! If your Full A4 Size Sheet exceeds 20 x 26cm we will automatically shrink it to that size. This is because images longer than 26cm often smudge at the bottom.


3. Quantity – Tell us how many of the above sheets you need printed.


4. Pre-Cut – Would you like your Cupcake Images Pre-Cut by us? This is entirely optional, you can easily cut them yourself with a pair of sharp scissors. It takes around 20 minutes. Don’t have the time? We’ll do it for you for a small additional charge! If you are ordering a Cake Image just leave this as the default answer "No". We can only cut your cupcake images in our standard size of 3.8cm/1.5inch. 


5. Fondant Disks – We suggest sticking your Cupcake Images to Fondant Disks as it stops them from absorbing moisture from the icing and going soft. Only input the number of Images you want stuck. For example, you might only want a dozen images stuck to disks so only input 12. If you are ordering a Cake Image just leave this as the default answer "No". We can only stick your cupcake images in our standard size of 3.8cm/1.5inch. 

6. Date Required – Tell us when you need the order by. Please note we only print images Monday-Friday, though you can still collect your order over the weekend if it is ready.

7. File Upload – Here you can upload your files. The $17.99 Price covers editing of up to 3 images, if you submit more images than this we will contact you to charge an Editing Fee ($5).

Please DO NOT take screenshots on your phone and attach these as images. The quality is very poor and we will insist you provide another copy as we prefer not to print blurry images!

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Got all that? Proceed to the Order Form by pressing the button below. It will open a New Window so you can refer back to these instructions if necessary.

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