Inca Berries

This is another of Nature’s Superfoods. They have  an amazing taste that starts with a sweetness and finishes with a delicate sour note. Grown organically in the high altitudes of South America they have been used for centuries as a folk medicine.  They are higher in antioxidants than many of the other known superfoods. Incaberries are high in fibre with one of the highest known soluble fibre levels with around 2g per 45g. They are Gluten Free and very low in fat and sodium, but have good levels of potassium and phosphorus and Vitamin C.

Uses:  Add to yoghurts, in cereals, as a snack, in salads, stuffing, breads, cakes, scones, muffins etc, they are great with chocolate so use them in anything with chocolate – slices, fudge, brownies, desserts etc. Really good in chutneys and jams . Use your imagination!

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