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Icing is an integral part of cake decorating - selecting the correct product for your desired use can save you time and money. Below we have briefly highlighted the various types of icing we sell, how they are used and any tips or tricks we've learned along the way.

We sell lots of ready to use icings in various quantities; these include: Cream Cheese Icing, Millionaires Caramel, Milk & White Choc Fudge Icing, Truffle Icing and many more!


Buttercream is one of the easiest icings to make and use. It tastes delicious, looks great and is a relatively cheap option. Primarily made of butter, icing sugar, and vanilla; this icing is highly versatile and suitable for many applications.

Buttercream can be piped through various nozzles or spread smooth over a cake to achieve a similar effect to the Fondant above (although it's hard to achieve the same smoothness).

We sell ready made Buttercream in a large variety of colours. It is hard to achieve true and bright colours when colouring your own Buttercream so the ready made option is very useful in these situations.


Credit: Sarah Vanderplank

fondant creations by our customers

These are some of our customer's creations using fondant. The possibilities are endless!

Fondant (aka, RTR, pettinice) is commonly used to decorate all types of cakes and cupcakes. It is known for it's clean look which is achieved by rolling the icing out flat, then forming it in to the desired shape.

Fondant can also be used to make edible decorations. Simply add  2 tsp of Tylose Powder (available at WnP) per 500g of Fondant and knead well to combine. The fondant will start drying out immediately and should set (brittle) hard within 24-48 hours. This is especially useful when making large decorations that need to support their own weight (e.g. a bride and groom decoration or large flower petals).

We sell several brands of Fondant & Gum Paste to cater for all tastes. These are: Renshaw, Satin Ice, Australian Bakels RTR and Fondtastic. We are always experimenting with the products so come in and see whats new on the scene!


Ganache is a very easy to use icing - generally it just needs to be heated and poured over the cake or cupcake and allowed to cool to room temperature. Ganache suits chocolate based cakes the best and can be made with Dark, Milk or White chocolate!

We sell a delicious ready to use Ganache, but it's quite easy to make yourself! Simply melt 250 grams of dark chocolate with 1/3 cup of thickened cream. Make sure it doesn't get too hot. Let cool slightly and then pour over a cooled cake (i.e. not warm). It will set almost immediately. If your cake is too warm the Ganache will simply run straight off - some people refrigerate the cake to avoid this.

Whip 'n Ice
fondant creations by our customers

Thaw, pour, whip, and decorate! 

Bakel's Whip n Ice is a frozen dairy whip that produces a light, glossy cream-like icing. It is a versatile product which can easily be coloured with Americolour gels or flavoured with our flavour oils and emulsions. Once whipped it will last three days at room temperature! 


Whip n Ice tastes just like your favourite soft serve icecream!

Whip n Ice, coloured pink with a strawberry flavour.

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