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Chia Seeds

Chia Seed is the holy seed of the ancient Aztec and Mayan Civilizations. It has very close to a complete nutritional profile - a natural multi vitamin! Chia absorbs 8 times its weight in water, making it a powerful natural appetite suppressant. It contains 18 Amino Acids (8 essential, 10 non-essential) which also makes it a potent anti-inflammatory tool! It also slows carbohydrate absorption which stabilises blood sugar levels making it ideal for diabetics! Not only does it have these amazing beneficial effects to your health and wellbeing, it is loaded with virtually every nutrient and vitamin your body needs! 


The Australian Grown Chia Seed we sell comes in a two varieties; black & white. In the case of Australian grown Chia there is no difference in nutritional value or taste. In the case of imported (South American) Chia, the nutritional value can vary greatly between brands and can even vary between batches.

Take 1 - 2 tablespoons a day! 

Chia stands far above natures other 'superfoods', both in nutritional content and versatility!

 - Eight times the Omega-3 fatty acids than salmon
 - Six times the fibre of oat bran
 - Forms a complete vegan protein
 - Three times more iron than spinach
 - Fifteen times the magnesium of broccoli
 - Four times the antioxidant value of blueberries
 - Seven times more Vitamin C than Oranges
 - Five times the calcium of Milk
 - Gluten Free!
 - Twice the potassium of bananas
 - Eighteen amino acids, B12 and Vitamin A

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